Friday, 19 August 2011

Marathon run for osprey education in The Gambia.

In September, Tim Mackrill, the project manager of the Rutland osprey project will be running the Berlin marathon to raise money to develop links with Gambian schools to raise awareness of wildlife, the osprey being the flagship species.

I was really pleased when OUP offered to donate Sky Hawk books to this venture too.

Tim Mackrill's fundraising page

Tim Mackrill

My page:

Last winter a group of Osprey Project staff and volunteers  travelled to Gambia and Senegal in search of European Ospreys. During the month-long trip we visted Tanji school near Banjul to talk to the children about our work at Rutland Water, focussing on Ospreys and migration. The children were enthralled.
Following the success of the visit to West Africa we intend to develop a wildlife education programme for Gambian schools, with Ospreys as the flagship species.  We will raise money to provide educational resources for schools located in areas that are important for Ospreys and other European migrant birds, such as Tanji. These resources, including books, posters, optics and computer equipment, will allow the children to learn more about the birds and other wildlife that live close to their communities. With the help of local Gambian bird guide, Junkund Jadama, we will also organise fieldtrips for school children – allowing them to see all this wonderful wildlife at first hand. Furthermore, we’ll  link schools in the Gambia with schools in Rutland, allowing the children to develop friendships, with Ospreys as the common link. There is also the potential for similar links to be formed along the bird’s migration route – with schools elsewhere in Europe and North Africa. 
All funds raised will be managed by the Leicestershire and Rutland Wildlife Trust and will be used specifically to purchase educational resources that can be used in the Gambian schools and to fund field trips.
As Project Officer I felt it was only right that I got the ball rolling and so I will be running the Berlin marathon in September. We feel passionately that we have a unique opportunity to provide wildlife education in Gambian schools and that the work can have a real lasting legacy among communities in West Africa. Any money you feel able to donate would be greatly appreciated.
We will be travelling out to Gambia in January, enabling us to visit more schools and to distribute resources funded by our first wave of fundraising. So, if you can, please give generously.

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