Sunday, 2 October 2011

A place called Lost!

In Strathdon...27th to 30th September

Ozwald remained in Strathdon, moving up and down the Water of Nochty which flows into the River Don. at 9am today he was perched on edge of conifer wood near the small river. He has at times been close to a place called Lost!

I wonder how much influence the recent unusually hot weather has had on Ozwold? The impulse for migration is still a mystery. Is it governed by temperature, daylight length, stars, changing magnetic fields as the earth turns on it's axis, some internal body clock? I wonder why Ozwold is much later in starting his migration than some of the other tagged ospreys this year. Could it be genetic...maybe his parents started their migrations later than others. It would be interesting to know where Ozwold's two siblings are. They were ringed but not tagged. Maybe they are still in Scotland too! Only a relatively small number of ospreys have been tagged, so all this information will help to build up a pattern of the variation of migration between individuals. 

I just hope this spell of good weather has allowed him to fish successfully and build up the strength he needs for his migration. 

Watch this space....he has to go soon...surely!

September 27th - 30th

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