Sunday, 16 October 2011

South bound

Better weather and some better data in. Yesterday morning Ozwold was near Alston, Cumbria and by evening he had flown approx 40 miles south to Swaledale, Yorkshire Dales, near Gunnerside. So he's moving slowly south.

It was interesting to hear on Autumn Watch of Einion's (one of the Welsh tagged ospreys) 300 mile flight across the Bay of Biscay in just one day. An incredible distance across a potentially harsh environment. The coast of northern Spain looked very wild and rugged. Also interesting to see the German osprey on Autumn Watch...I don't know if I mis-heard but I think the leg-ring letters were RS...same as the osprey in Sky Hawk...I will have to watch i-player and find out, and let my German publisher know too.

Ozwold's got a long way to go yet! Maybe he won't even make it to Africa. Some ospreys are known to overwinter in Spain.

It's a huge relief to see he is out of Scotland...with snow on the way, cold weather and dark nights...I only hope Ozwold finds his motor!

Distance moved 11th October

Distance moved 11th October

Roost site 11th / 12th October ; He settled for the evening on the River Till then roosted the night in Floddenford Woods. The Till is a tributary of the river Tweed. It sounds a good river for trout, salmon and grayling, so I hope he managed to stock up on fish. It's the only tributary of the Tweed that runs wholly in England. It joins the Tweed near Berwick-on-Tweed. I wonder if ospreys follow rivers during their migration and build up map of rivers as we do with roads.

According to folklore...about the Till and the Tweed;

Tweed said to Till
"What gars ye rin sae stil?"
Says Till to Tweed,
"Though ye rin wi' speed
And I rin slaw
Whar ye droon yin man
I droon twa"

 Roost  site 11th/12th on River Till

12th to 15th October

Between 12th and 15th October

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