Thursday, 6 October 2011

Worrying times

I've just had the readings from Roy Dennis for the last few days, but the there have only been a couple of non-GPS readings a little to the east of Bellabeg but still in Strathdon. The problem with signals is that the transmitter is still trying to gather hourly GPS readings from 6 am to 9pm - but the daylight hours are rapidly declining in Scotland and the sun is sinking on the horizon - so especially on miserable overcast days the solar panel cannot charge the transmitter enough to deal with all the readings - so in those cases when battery strength is down the transmitter's position is calculated by the satellite - and this is a non-GPS location which can be accurate to within 150 metres but may be much less accurate in poor weather. 

Here in the south of England the weather has turned very autumnal in a matter of days...people were out in shorts and T shirts at the weekend and sunbathing on the beaches, and now everyone is wrapped up in coats and boots. 

I hope Ozwold gets going for some winter sun soon. It's a little worrying that he hasn't set off yet. There will be some more readings coming in later today, so I'll post them when I have them. 

Don't forget to watch Autumn Watch tomorrow evening...all about ospreys... following the young satellite tagged Welsh ospreys. 

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